• comics
    • Real Heroes
      24 pages. We all know who the real heroes are. The fire fighters. And if you're a past-your-prime supervillain, this means they have to be destroyed.
    • When Milton met Small Eddie
      4 pages. Milton and Small Eddie, two small time hoods, meet in prison for the first time.
    • Hard Times
      24 pages. After destroying his hideout during a recent one-sided battle and winding up on the street, an unskilled supervillain has to find a job.
    • Malefactor
      24 pages. OMG is a pop star who's a hero to millions of girls around the globe. To a supervillain eager to prove his hero-destroying-capabilities, this means she must be defeated.
    • Chillin' Like a Villain
      24 pages. A new way to outdo the preposterous pop-star OMG is plotted. By filming a pilot for a new reality show about life as a bad guy. (starts December 16th)