Welcome to Chillin’ like a Villain! A few years ago, I got commissioned by a huge fan of a certain unnamed supervillain to make a series of comics about said villain. I’d never read a single one of that villain’s comics, so I essentially created my own character, and made him kind of look like that other villain. I drew four issues, totalling 96 pages of some of my favorite comics I’ve drawn. But due to a number of complicated reasons, I never showed the bulk of the series to anyone.

The other thing I’ve never done, is run a daily webcomic. I find it too difficult to commit to one project for a long time, because my mind is always interested in new things. Which is why I decided to (using the aforementioned 96 pages as a buffer to get me started) make this anthology series of comics based around a theme. Bad guys. So in any amount of downtime, I can draw a quick, self contained story, but let it be part of something larger.

This page features a cameo by The Amazing Tree Frog, a character created by Joey Weiser. You can read some real adventures of Tree Frog here and here.

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